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Ed Lloyd Gragg

Ed Lloyd artI have had a long time love for the work of Lloyd, and he is in my all time top ten Vampirella artists.

When I first stumbled into the internet one of the first things I did was to do a search for "Vampirella", and it was then that I found a picture of Lloyd's rendition of Vampirella (the one on the left) and I was blown away!

Over the years I have found more of Lloyd's work, and, nine years later, I have four original paintings by him on my wall.

I can say without reservation that no matter how good his artwork looks on the internet it is a pale shadow of the original piece.

After many years of searching for Ed (and more of his excellent art) he contacted me in June 2010 and filled in some of the blanks about himself and his art. For example, I have seen his work variously described as being by ED LLOYD, ED GRAGG and LLOYD GRAGG. Ed explained that his fantasy art is signed "Lloyd", but for more formal portrait work he uses his surname "Gragg". So if you see artwork by Lloyd or Gragg you will know it is from the same set of brushes!

He informed me that "As an artist, I'm pretty much self taught. My first painting at about age 12 was a reproduction of a "Neal Adams' " Tarzan cover, done in enamels. The only paint I had was some left over model car paint. Quite shiny, but I learned I had a knack for blending colors. Anyway, being pretty reliant on visual reference I started doing portraits as a hobby and for some side money."

Friends requested paintings of sports stars such as Jordan and Montana, which led to magazine contracts. He painted about a hundred inside cover art paintings for Beckett sports card magazines over the next eight to ten years.

A friend and fellow artist, Andy Mokler, told him about the internet and suggested he try selling some pin-up art, and his first eBay offering was a Vampirella.

Lloyd developed quite a fan following on eBay and for a while even had his own web site, Lloyd's Lair (which I am very pleased to hear may be re launched in the not too distant future). Other artistic endeavours took him away from eBay and his fans, but after a hiatus of several years he is planning to return to eBay and produce more work for public consumption. And he is happy to take commissions.

For now, though, just enjoy the artwork below ... and it's well worth double clicking on the thumbnails to see the items full size!

Ed Lloyd art My piece of Ed Lloyd art Ed Lloyd art
Ed Lloyd art Ed Lloyd art Lloyd art
Lloyd fantasy art Ed Lloyd art Ed Lloyd art
Ed Lloyd art Ed Lloyd art Ed Lloyd art
Ed Lloyd art Ed Lloyd art Lloyd art
Xmas Vampi by Lloyd Latest Lloyd art Lloyd art
Ed Lloyd art Lloyd art
Ed Lloyd art

Ed Lloyd art

Ed Lloyd art

Ed Lloyd art

LLoyd Art Ed Lloyd art


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