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FYI: I have not been updating this site as much as I would like as I am building a completely new Vampilore site. New look, new navigation, new sections, many more pages (1,000 plus so far!). As a complete build from the ground up this is taking a lot of time. Please be patient.

Welcome to my Vampirella web site

This is a long time, ongoing project. Apart from many, many html pages I have hundreds of megabytes of comic book scans, photos of special items such as statues and original artwork (and thumbnails of everything so the pages load at a reasonable rate). Lots of work ...

I intend for this site to be a definitive source of information on Vampirella, the comic, the person and the cult.

A few of the pages haven't been created yet, or they go to a "template" page that needs to have the info added. But, I have got quite a lot of stuff online already, and more is being uploaded on a regular basis.

Have a cruise about and take a look at the sections on the left and the sub-sections within them. Many of the pictures are clickable links which open up in a new window - great for pages detailing the various Vampirella comics - the page loads quickly and you can see what the covers look like, but if you want to see the cover full size just click the thumbnail!

The ARTWORK section is well worth a look, with a wide range of artists who have depicted Vampirella and examples of their work that you don't normally see! You will find some famous names, and some names you have never heard of, but they all have interesting renditions of Vampirella for you to enjoy.

The LINKS page has a growing list of Vampirella resources, and the EPHEMERA section is just crammed full of all those weird and wonderful one-off items that don't fit anywhere else (posters, standees, necklaces, badges, plates, slides, interactive flash dolls, etc.).

In reality, this site should never be completed. As long as the Vampirella title continues to be published I will have new pages to add ... talk about a lifetime commitment!


If you have any comments, ideas, free copies of Harris Comics' Issue 113 or any other Vampirella stuff you know I'd just love to have, please feel free to contact me.

If you are an artist whose work has been featured and want to add a few words to your page on the site (or has major objections to my using your work) please contact me and we'll sort things out.

If you spot any spelling errors (bearing in mind that this site is written in UK English - so colour is correct and color isn't!), broken links, historical or factual anomalies (mistakes!), please let me know. I won't get angry if you criticise my site, quite the contrary. I will take all the advice, feedback and comments I can and then do what I think is right. This is a huge project and I'm not too proud to accept help!


If you have found this site to be useful and have a few spare Dollars, Dinars, Shekels, Yen, Pounds, Euros (or whatever currency you use), please feel free to make a donation towards the annual hosting/ domain name costs of this site. Please click the PayPal button below to make a donation.

Please note that you must be a verified PayPal member to make a donation of over £500.00 GBP/ $750.00 USD/ €750.00 EURO! Yeah, right! As if .....



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