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Bruce Timm

Bruce Timm created an iconic "look" for Vampirella with his cover art. Many artists cite Bruce as one of their inspirations and his "animated" style is much copied. Apart from artwork, Bruce's style has inspired a range of items of ephemera, including a Vampirella statue (see below, right).

The biography below comes from the Read Yourself Raw web site, and sums up Bruce so well that I won't even attempt to paraphrase it ...

"... I would say Bruce is probably the second most important person in television animation (if you consider Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera as one person)... He's the guy who proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that if you had the taste level and the commitment to the material along with the passion, you can achieve these kind of results. It set a new standard. It showed everybody that for the money available, you could do quality work."
Darwyn Cooke, in interview, Comic Book Artist Vol2 #3

Bruce Timm (1961-date) is the Emmy-Award winning producer, director and designer of Batman: The Animated Series, The Superman Adventures, Batman Beyond and Justice League, and is essentially the man responsible for the retro look of those animated TV series. He is a lifelong fan of comic books and always dreamed of drawing comics for a living, but after initially producing illustrations for small press publishers of pulp and horror magazines, he wound up the animation industry instead.

"... I basically wanted to be a comic book artist when I grew up. I think at some point I realised that I wasn't quite good enough to get into comics. I realised my own limitations. But I saw these really crappy cartoons on TV and I said, Well, at least I can draw that good."

In 1981 he started work at Filmation and bounced around the industry doing layout and background designs on shows, and in his spare time drew minicomics. He finally settled at Warner Brothers Studios in 1989, where he has been ever since, becoming designer and co-producer of Batman: The Animated Series in 1990.

"I was in the right place at the right time. Warner Brothers decided to make 65 half-hours of Batman cartoons to capitalise on the success of the first feature film, and the hoped for success of the sequel. I was working at Warner on Tiny Toon. I've been a Bat-fan since I was a kid, so I put aside my Tiny Toons work and filled up an 8 1/2" by 11" page with Batman drawings and bang - there he was! Exactly as he appears on the TV screen - and tons of merchandising."

Although his comic book work is sparse to say the least, what little there is exudes quality - as the Eisner and Harvey award winning Batman: Mad Love one shot can testify - and all Bruce Timm comics are well worth seeking out.

Bruce Timm Self Portrait

Bruce Timm Statue

Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art
Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art
Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art

Bruce Timm art

Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art
Sketchbook art Bruce Timm

Timm artwork

- Timm Art -
Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art
Bruce Timm art Bruce Timm art


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