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Chains of Chaos


Issue #1 (November 1994)

Regular Cover - John Estes $2.95

Artists - John Stinsman, Joe Weems / Writer - Tom Sneigoski

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Reston Dane (The Rook) a traveler through time and space is drawn to a universe and an Earth by a powerful evil presence - the personification of Chaos.

On Earth, Vampirella and the Danse Macabre interrupt a mass sacrifice to Chaos and learn of Chaos' plans to conquer the planet.

On another Earth, Chaos' minions have used Vampirella to be the mother of the Chaoschild, who now rules the planet in a grip of terror. Adam van Helsing and compatriots ambush some of Chaos' minions, meeting the Rook in the process.

The Rook uses his time/space traveling abilities to come to our Earth and the Danse Macabre's headquarters to get Vampirella ...


Stunning artwork, and a great (though confusing at first) story. It takes a while to realise that the story is working on two different Earths, this one and an alternative universe Earth ruled by the Chaoschild.

Once you have realised that there are two distinct stories running simultaneously it all makes sense.


Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue #2 (December 1994)

Regular Cover - John Estes $2.95

Artists - Kirk Van Wormer, Joe Weems / Writer - Tom Sneigoski

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The Rook materialises at the Danse Macabre's headquarters demanding that Vampirella goes with him. The Danse Macabre respond in typical fashion and a fight ensues. Eventually they stop and listen as the Rook explains that the Chaoschild of another reality is about to let loose his forces into other realities.

As he explains a rift opens and the hordes of Chaos attack. Barely defeating them Vampirella agrees to return with the Rook.

Back on the Chaos ruled Earth, the Chaoschild is not happy that his warriors have returned with their tails between their legs. Vampirella and the Rook arrive and one of the good guys uses his telepathic powers to tell everyone on the planet to rise up against the Chaoschild as Vampirella is back.

A prisoner in a forgotten cell of the Chaoschild hears the message and awakens. Breaking his bonds and killing his guards, Dracula is free ...


Very pacey and compelling, this is a really good story. A credit to writers and artists alike.

There are also some subtle touches that aren't immediately obvious which show the attention to detail of the creative team. One example is that the bad guys wear the Chaos symbol and the good guys wear a "Lilith" symbol.

Issue #3 (January 1995)

Regular Cover - John Estes $2.95

Artists - Caesar, Joe Weems / Writer - Tom Sneigoski

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The two opposing forces muster their troops, Vampirella, Adam van Helsing and company on one side and the Chaoschild's storm troopers (led by Hemorrhage) on the other.

Vampirella et al. storm the Chaos tower to destroy the machine that Chaos uses to open doorways to alternate worlds. With Dracula's help, Vampirella defeats Hemorrhage and in the ensuing battles a few old scores are settled.

Eventually, the portal is destroyed, the bad guys defeated and the status quo restored. But the evil of Chaos is not gone forever ...


Action all the way, and it's very easy to forget to breath while reading this story!

An interesting alternative reality story, and a good introduction to Reston Dane, the Rook, for those who have not come across him before in the Warren Publishing universe.

Issue 3


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