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Volume 1, Issue #1 (July 2003)

Regular Cover - Martin Montiel, Joe Benitez, BATT, Tyson Wengler $2.99
Coop Cover - Coop $2.99
Adams/Sotelo Cover - Art Adams, Beth Sotelo (2,500 copies) $6.99
Signed Adams/Sotelo Cover - Art Adams, Beth Sotelo (199 copies) $19.99

Adams/Sotelo Gold Cover - Art Adams, Beth Sotelo (500 copies) $14.99
Adams/Sotelo Blue Cover - Art Adams, Beth Sotelo (500 copies) $14.99
Signed Adams/Sotelo Blue Cover - Art Adams, Beth Sotelo (99 copies) $?

Artists - Joe Benitez, Martin Montiel, Kevin Conrad, Joe Weems, Jason Gorder / Writer - David Wohl

The Magdalena / Vampirella
Paris: Magdalena is searching for an ancient vampire who dismembers and mutilates his victims. While she examines his latest handiwork in the catacombs, Vampirella attacks him at a café, but he escapes.

Vampirella tracks him to the catacombs, and inevitably she and Magdalena meet. Magdalena only sees vampire who must be destroyed and battle commences before Vampirella can explain.

Vampirella saves Magdalena from a deadly plunge into an underground cathedral, and they team up to defeat the vampire.


For a one-off crossover story this is a much better quality comic book than you would expect.

The story is written on two levels, the simple "two good guys meet and fight each other by mistake, then team up to beat the bad guy", but it also has a deeper and more complex sub-plot running through it about possible corruption at the highest levels in the Vatican. Obviously this leaves an open story line for Magdalena to follow.

In an interesting twist, the writers create a level of sympathy for the villain for the piece.

The artwork is also stunning with several large spreads. Considering how many artists were involved in this project it hangs together well, and the reader doesn't notice any "change" in style as the story progresses.

A word of congratulations to all involved is in order.

The story gives a good precis of each character, and promotes both of them well.

Before reading this comic I had no idea who or what Magdalena was. After reading this story I have a pretty good idea what she is all about and the general theme of her own series - and I have picked up a copy or two.

Regular cover

Coop cover

Adams cover

Signed Adams cover

Adamd Gold Foil cover

Adams Blue Foil cover

Signed Adams Blue Foil cover

Cover A

Cover B


Volume 2, Issue #1 (December 2004)

Cover A - Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato $2.99
Cover B - Chris Bachalo, Tim Townsend $2.99

Artists - Francis Manapul, Brian Buccellato / Writer - Robert Kirkman

The Magdalena / Vampirella
Vampirella and Magdalena meet at a Mayan temple both trying to track down a mystical idol that can control blood. Vampirella hopes she can use the idol to control her blood lust, Magdalena wishes to prevent someone from using it to conquer the world.

Fighting together they defeat the bad guy but the idol is destroyed in the process ... or so it seems.


Again, another great team up between two heroines with diametrically opposed ethics.

The story and art are top quality, and are a good advert for the whole range of Top Cow's comics.

Well worth a read if you are a fan of Vampirella and/or Magdalena.

In fact, it's well worth a read if you just enjoy quality comic books.



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