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VAMPIRELLA Monthly - 2001

This is the third series from Harris Comics to use this title.


Preview edition

Preview Limited Edition

Preview Limited Edition - Signed Mayhew

Preview Museum Edition

Preview Edition (March 2001)

Regular cover - Mike Mayhew $2.95
Limited Edition cover - Mike Mayhew (1,500 only) $19.95

Limited Edition signed cover - Mike Mayhew (150 only) $19.95
Museum Edition cover - Mike Mayhew (25 only) $125.00

Writer - Mark Millar : Art - Mike Mayhew, Michael Bair

This preview edition features the work of Mike Mayhew from the impending Issue 1 of the new series (the "Nowheresville" story). Also there is an interview with mark Miller and has a feature on the 12 finalists in the Harris Model Search contest.

There are two cover designs (Regular and Limited Edition) both by Mike Mayhew.


After a long period without Vampirella (while Harris launched Vampi), the Preview holds out the promise of something very special to come.

The artwork of Mike Mayhew was stunning and generated a lot of excitement over the "new look" Vampirella.

Vampirella #1 - Ashcan (June 2001)

Regular cover - Mike Mayhew (1,500 only) $5.95

Writer - Mike Mayhew: Art - Mike Mayhew

This magazine sized ashcan previews Vampirella 1, and introduces the new series. Apart from samples of the stunning artwork there is also an interview with Mike Mayhew.


There is only one cover by Mike Mayhew (now that makes a change).

Issue 1 - Ashcan

Red Foil edition

Platinum Foil edition

Platinum Foil Signed edition

Gold Foil edition

Royal Blue Foil edition

Jae Lee cover

Jay Anacleto cover

J. Scott Campbell cover

Campbell Holofoil edition

Campbell Rainbow Holofoil edition

Campbell Museum edition

Model cover

Vampirella 1 (July 2001)

Red Foil cover - Mike Mayhew $2.95
Platinum Foil cover - Mike Mayhew (2,500 copies) $5.
Platinum Foil Signed cover - Mike Mayhew (150 copies) $19.95
Gold Foil cover - Mike Mayhew (500 copies) $19.95
Royal Blue Foil cover
- Mike Mayhew (100 copies) $59.95
Regular cover - Jae Lee $2.95
Regular cover - Jay Anacleto $2.95
Regular cover - J. Scott Campbell $2.95
Holofoil cover - J. Scott Campbell (5,000 copies) $19.95
Rainbow Holofoil cover - J. Scott Campbell (5,000 copies) $19.95
Museum Edition cover - J. Scott Campbell (25 copies) $125.00
Limited Edition cover - Maria Di Angelis (1,500 copies) $9.95

Writer - Mark Millar : Art - Mike Mayhew

Nowheresville - part One: Vampirella hears about a whole town of vampires, supposedly called "Nowheresville" (actually Gentle Creek) and sets out to track it down. A vampire called Michigan Pike goes on a killing spree and ends up in jail, but is freed by two female vampires from Nowheresville. This issue introduces Mulligan and O'Hare, a couple of "unusual" federal agents specialising in occult and similar evil cases.


There are TWELVE variant covers for this issue!

Four are based on Mayhew art with different coloured foil Vampirella logos (Red, Platinum, Gold and Blue). The Red Foil issue was the regular issue, the Platinum Foil for Scarlet Legion members, the Gold a Limited Edition and the Royal Blue limited to only 100 issues.

There are three Limited Editions with covers by alternative artists, Jay Lee, Jay Anacleto, and J. Scott Campbell - the Campbell cover is also available as a holofoil, a rainbow holofoil and a Museum edition.

Finally, there is a Model cover featuring the new Official Vampirella model, Maria Di Angelis.

Finally, the new series is launched and despite more variant covers than you can throw a stick at the promise is fulfilled!

Vampirella has new look, almost a photo-realistic look. Mike Mayhew's art is so detailed that every crease and fold in Vampirella's costume is plain to see - which adds an extra dimension to her existence. It is almost as if Mike took photos of a young woman "doing the moves" and then drew from the photos.

The Vampirella look is a little younger and fresher than previously, and the writing of Mark Millar puts an indelible ADULT READING stamp on the series.

The blood and gore is bloody and gory, and the language is not extreme or pornographic, but is definitely adult in nature.

At long last - great art, great story and aimed at a more mature audience.

That works for me!

Convention Issue (August 2001)

Convention Edition cover - Mike Mayhew (1,000 copies) $9.95
Convention Edition signed cover - Mike Mayhew (150 copies) $19.95

Writer - Mark Millar : Art - Mike Mayhew

The Convention Edition has a black and white interior which replicates the story from Issue 1.


Is it me or does $9.95 seem like a lot of money for a black and white version of a $2.95 comic book? I suppose it is a limited edition only available from a comic book convention so has a rarity value, but still ...

And I have never been to a comic book convention in my life, yet I managed to easily get hold of my copies!

Convention Edition

Convention Signed edition

Mayhew cover

Chiodo cover

Model cover

Vampirella 2 (September 2001)

Regular cover - Mike Mayhew $2.95
Limited Edition cover - Joe Chiodo (1,500 copies) $9.95

Limited Edition cover - Maria Di Angelis (1,500 copies) $9.95

Writer - Mark Millar : Art - Mike Mayhew

Nowheresville - Part Two: Vampirella arrives in "Nowheresville" and rescues Edgar Martin Eichmann form the meat locker (he is either a Major or a General depending on whether you believe the dialogue or the artwork!).

Vampirella then takes on the rest of the town and in the ruckus is shocked to see vampire children ... She discovers that the town has been trying to exist as a haven for "good" vampires who want to live in peace and not prey on humans. Not all residents agree (such as Michigan Pike) and they take the occasional foray into the real world to hunt - endangering the rest of the community.

Michigan Pike and his cronies are exposed to sunlight for their "crimes" against Nowheresville.


There are three different covers (setting a trend for the rest of the series); the regular (Mayhew) cover, the Limited Edition Bruce Timm cover and the Maria Di Angelis model cover.

The story really picks up speed and the artwork just gets better and better.

Vampirella 3 (October 2001)

Regular cover - Mike Mayhew $2.99
Limited Edition cover - Bruce Timm (1,500 copies) $9.95

Limited Edition cover - Maria Di Angelis (1,500 copies) $9.95

Writer - Mark Millar : Art - Mike Mayhew

Nowheresville - Part Three: Vampirella decides to leave the commune of peaceful vampires, but as she leaves the army attacks. Using napalm and garlic gas they slaughter the locals. Vampirella returns and turns the tide, but too late. All that remains is the human sheriff and one child vampire.


One of my favourite bits of the whole Nowheresville story arc is when a soldier pokes his head out of his tank turret only to find Vampirella standing astride his head. Using her hypnotic abilities she states "Look into my eyes, little man, and do exactly what the lady with the enormous breasts tells you to do."

I could argue the point here that Mayhew's Vampirella does not have "enormous" breasts and that she is in fact quite well proportioned, but what the heck. It is obvious that the writer and artist are enjoying creating this comic book as much as I am enjoying reading it.

TRIVIA: The Mayor of Gentle Creek is drawn identical to Grandpa from the Munsters!

Mayhew cover

Bruce Timm cover

Model cover

Issue 4 Ash Can

Vampirella 4 Ash Can (November 2001)

Regular cover - Mike Mayhew $2.99

Writer - John Smith : Art - Mike Mayhew

Neat and simple, black and white preview pages for the upcoming issue #4 and the Fear of Mirrors story.


Vampirella 4 (December 2001)

Regular cover - Mike Mayhew $2.99
Limited Edition cover - Greg Horn (1,500 copies) $9.95

Limited Edition Holochrome cover - Greg Horn (1,000 copies) $19.95

Limited Edition cover - Maria Di Angelis (1,500 copies) $9.95

Writer - John Smith : Art - Mike Mayhew

Fear of Mirrors - Part One: Vampirella tracks down and destroys a vampire drug ring. In the process she gets a message to go to Coogan's Bluff, the place where she originally "landed" on Earth.


Moving on from Nowheresville, the story continues in a more mature reader vein (pun intended).

Not content with kicking people in the genitals and ripping heads in half, Vampirella sticks a handful of syringes into a vampire's eye!

Initially I thought this was a stand-alone story, but it is in fact a prelude to a theme that runs through the series.

For part of the story Vampirella is bare footed, and I'm sure many artists will agree with me that feet are as difficult to draw as hands.

Mike Mayhew draws Vampirella's feet beautifully!

I was completely unaware of Mike Mayhew prior to this series of Vampirella, but now he is indisputably in my all-time, top ten Vampirella artists. His vision and portrayal of Vampirella puts him on a par with José Gonzalez.

Mayhew cover

Horn cover

Horn Holofoil cover

Model cover

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