Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon
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New look VAMPILORE web site launched! Browse on and enjoy!


This is a long time, ongoing project. Apart from many, many pages of information I have hundreds of megabytes of comic book scans, photos of special items such as statues and original artwork (and thumbnails of everything so the pages load at a reasonable rate). Lots of work ...

I intend for this site to be a definitive source of information on Vampirella, the comic, the person and the cult. A sort of "vampi-wiki"!

I have got quite a lot of pages online already and more is being uploaded on a regular basis.

Have a cruise about and take a look at the sections above and the sub-sections within them. Many of the pictures are clickable links which open up in a new window - great for pages detailing the various Vampirella comics. The page loads quickly and you can see what the covers look like, but if you want to see the cover full size just click the thumbnail!

The Artwork section is well worth a look, with a wide range of artists who have depicted Vampirella and examples of their work that you don't normally see! You will find some famous names and some names you have never heard of, but they all have interesting renditions of Vampirella for you to enjoy.

The Links page has a growing list of Vampirella resources and the Collectables section is just crammed full of all those weird and wonderful one-off items that don't fit anywhere else (posters, standees, necklaces, badges, plates, slides, interactive flash dolls, etc.).

In reality, this site should never be completed. As long as the Vampirella title continues to be published I will have new pages to add ...

Talk about a lifetime commitment!

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