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Drop Box

If you have a file or six you would like to send me please use the drop box below. All you have to do is enter your name and email address (so I can say "thank you") and prove that you are a human being by answering the question about Vampirella. Either click on the SELECT FILES button or drag and drop the files onto the cloud icon below.

Finally, click the UPLOAD button.

There is a limit on how many files you can upload and how big they are (10 at a time and a total of 75 MB). If you have a massive file you want to send me please email me and I'll sort it out.

These are all the file types you can send:

.jpg .jpeg .png .gif .doc .docx .pdf .xls .xlsx .pptx .ppt
.rtf .txt .zip .mov .mp4 .mp3 .m4a .psd .eps .svg .ai

Anything else, .zip it first then drop it in.