Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Statues and Miniatures

There are many, many statues, statuettes, models and miniatures of Vampirella.

Official licensed statues, custom one-off builds, lead miniatures, plastic "action figures" and more.

To try and get some semblance of order I will try and categorise the model kits and have separate sections for each type. I apologise in advance if your favourite statue is in the "wrong" category, but feel free to contact me and let me know (and send me pictures of any model kits I have missed).

To try and keep things in some kind of order I have subdivided this section into smaller subsets. I hope they will all make sense to you.

Official Statues spacer Unofficial Statues spacer Custom Statues

Miniature Figures spacer Action Figures spacer Other Statues

If you know of any statues that I have missed out please let me know (preferably with scans so I can include them on this site), or if you feel my write up/description is inaccurate in anyway, again, please contact me.