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Miniature Vampirella Figures

Metal Magic R.P.G. Miniature

I saw this on eBay and managed to track down the source.

It's not an actual Vampirella miniature, rather a painted 25mm lead miniature of a female vampire (very similar to Vampirella) produced in the late 1980's/early 1990's by Metal Magic Hobby Products of Germany.

The miniature is mounted on the solid plastic base it came supplied with. This item was intended for playing Dungeons & Dragons, Mordheim, or other role playing games, but some enterprising person did a quick and easy conversion - and it does seem to work!

I don't know if Metal Magic are still producing this particular item, but if you have the urge to track it down (as I did), click on the picture of the box it comes in for a larger scan.

The product code is C 1016 h.

RPG Miniature

Metal Magic Box

ireneal miniature 1 front

ireneal miniature 1 back



ireneal miniature 2 front

ireneal miniature 2 back


There is a guy on eBay (ireneal) selling a range of metal miniatures. Over the years I have seen three different Vampirella miniatures in his listings (and bought all three!). Keep an eye out, as they appear fairly regularly.

I have asked him a couple of times about where they came from, if he made them himself, etc. but have never had a reply.

ireneal's 3 miniatures

I assume that either these are castings he has made himself or other miniatures that he has "adjusted to suit". Either way, he does a nice job.

Base Metal Model

ireneal miniature 3 front-ireneal miniature 3 back

Miniature Model

This is another working of a couple of standard role-playing game metal miniatures to become Vampirella miniatures.

I don't know the source but I think it is safe to assume that the miniatures are about 1" / 25 cms. high.

Miniature Model

Miniature Model Miniature Model Miniature Model


I saw this on eBay recently and it seems to be a "reworking" of a J.L.U. toy figure. It is a one-off, but not a bad conversion job.

HeroClix Adaptations

I think I'm showing my age but I had no idea what HeroClix were when I saw the Vampirella figures on eBay! But I bought them anyway ...

According to WikiPedia "HeroClix is a collectible miniatures game produced by WizKids, Inc. Each player constructs a "team" of heroes and villains with certain abilities, skills and weaknesses. Each players take turns to utilize those abilities and skills to "KO" other players' characters.

"Each HeroClix figurine is modeled in roughly O scale and has statistics associated with it: Attack Value, Defence Value, Speed, Damage, and Range. These statistics are all printed on a dial that serves as the base for the miniature. When a piece takes "damage", its base is twisted a number of "clicks" counter-clockwise, revealing changed (usually decreased) stats to correspond to the damage it has taken. Some characters actually get stronger with damage, though, to represent a transformation or rage. There are approximately 3,000 different Heroclix figures, as at 1st August 2007.

"Pieces have point values associated with them. Typically, the more powerful the character, the more costly it is to play. Opposing teams must consist of a total point value in pieces that is less than or equal to a pre-decided total, usually a multiple of 100. Battles are played out on maps, overlaid with a grid of 35mm x 35mm squares."

So now we know! The three figures below won't be taking part in any competitions but will be sitting in my collection alongside a variety of other statues/statuettes.


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