Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Warren Publishing: Issues 1 - 15


Vampirella # 1 - September 1969

Warren Issue 1 cover

Cover: Frank Frazetta

  • Vampirella's Welcome [Bill Parente/ Frank Frazetta]
  • Vampirella Of Draculon [Forrest J. Ackerman/ Tom Sutton]
  • Death Boat! [Don Glut/ Billy Graham]
  • Two Silver Bullets! [Don Glut/ Reed Crandall]
  • Goddess From The Sea [Don Glut/ Neal Adams]
  • Last Act: October! [Don Glut/ Mike Royer]
  • Spaced-Out Girls! [Don Glut/ Bill Fraccio/ Tony Tallarico]
  • Room Full Of Changes [Nicola Cuti/ Ernie Colon]

Frazetta's cover of Vampirella was a substitute for the original cover by European artist Aslan. That cover also featured Vampirella, but was rejected over fears that Vampi looked rather pale! That cover was eventually used as the cover for the 1972 Vampirella Annual.

The first Vampirella story is a horror spoof rather than a straight horror tale, as was made obvious by the first two pages being taken up with a sequence of a nude Vampirella taking a shower for no particular reason, other than titillation.


Vampirella # 2 - November 1969

Warren Issue 2 cover

Cover: Bill Hughes

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: The Bride Of Frankenstein [Tom Sutton]
  • Evily [Bill Parente/ Jerry Grandenetti]
  • Montezuma's Monster [R. Michael Rosen, Bill Fraccio/ Tony Tallarico] (story mis-credited to Don Glut)
  • Vampirella: Down To Earth! [Forrest J. Ackerman/ Mike Royer]
  • Queen Of Horror! [Don Glut/ Dick Piscopo]
  • The Octopus [Nicola Cuti/ William Barry]
  • One, Two, Three [Nicola Cuti/ Ernie Colon]
  • Rhapsody In Red! [Don Glut/ Billy Graham]

The cover depicts the witch Evily (who only appeared twice and is listed as Vampirella's cousin). Vampirella guest stars in Evily's story.

Vampirella's own story is narrated in a one-shot appearance by Vampirella's twin sister, Draculina. Vampirella and Draculina are identical twins except that Draculina is a blonde, rather than a brunette, and her bat birthmark is on the opposite breast from Vampirella.

Purists will know that Vampirella "bats" to the right!


Vampirella # 3 - January 1970

Warren Issue 3 cover

Cover: Vaughn Bode/ Larry Todd

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: Queen Of Outer Space! [Forrest J. Ackerman/ Dick Piscopo]
  • Evily: Wicked Is Who Wicked Does! [Bill Parente/ Tom Sutton]
  • Blast Off To A Nightmare! [Al Hewetson/ Jack Sparling]
  • Eleven Footsteps To Lucy Fuhr [Terri Abrahms/ Nick Beal/Ed Robbins]
  • I Wake Up… Screaming! [Billy Graham]
  • The Caliegia! [Nicola Cuti/ Dick Piscopo]
  • Didn't I See You On Television? [Billy Graham]
  • A Slimy Situation! [R. Michael Rosen/ Jack Sparling]

This issue is one of the most difficult to get hold of, and as such fetches a top price when or if you find a copy!

Billy Grahams "I Wake Up…Screaming!" features characters with the likenesses of Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, John Wayne, Robert Mitchum, Paul Newman, James Dean, David Niven, Kirk Douglas, Sammy Davis, Jr., Bill Cosby, Robert Culp, Robert Vaughn, David McCallum and David Janssen.


Vampirella # 4 - April 1970

Warren Issue 4 cover

Cover: Vaughn Bode/ Jeff Jones

  • Vampi’s Feary Tales: Burned At The Stake! [Tom Sutton]
  • Forgotten Kingdom [Bill Parente/ Ernie Colon]
  • Closer Than Sisters [Nicola Cuti/ Mike Royer]
  • Moonshine! [Don Glut/ William Barry]
  • Vampi’s Fan Page: Dick Piscopo Profile [Dick Piscopo/ Alan Weiss]
  • Come Into My Parlor! [R. Michael Rosen/ Dick Piscopo]
  • Run For Your Wife! [Richard Carnell/ Jack Erman/ Jack Sparling]

This issue has a "variant" cover. I do not think this was done deliberately, more likely a problem in the print run. The "standard" cover has Vampi's logo in colour, the date/price box and the cover text in orange. Warren Issue 4 Alternative coverThe "alternative" version has the Vampi logo, date/price box and cover text in a fetching shade of pinky mauve.

Both variants are shown on the right.

Whether this is a true"alternative" cover /collectable item or not is debatable.

This issue has the first fan/ letters page, as yet without a name. Fans are asked to write in and name the new fan page.


Vampirella # 5 - June 1970

Warren Issue 5 cover

Cover: Frank Frazetta

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: The Satanic Sisterhood Of Stonehenge! [Tom Sutton]
  • The craft of a cat's eye [Don Glut/ John Fantucchio sic, i.e.
  • Tony Williamsune/Tony Tallarico]
  • Scaly Death [Don Glut/ Billy Graham]
  • An Axe To Grind [Jeff Jones]
  • Avenged By Aurora [Bill Parente/ Tom Sutton]
  • Ghoul Girl [Don Glut/ John Fantucchio]
  • Escape Route! [T. Casey Brennan/ Mike Royer]
  • Luna [Don Glut/ Jack Sparling]

The fan page gets named "Vampi's Flames".


Vampirella # 6 - July 1970

Warren Issue 6 cover

Cover: Ken Kelly

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: The Centaur [Dan Adkins]
  • The Curse Of Circe [Gardner Fox/ Jerry Grandenetti]
  • The Brothers Death [Nicola Cuti/ Jack Sparling]
  • Darkworth! [Nicola Cuti/ Mike Royer]
  • New Girl In Town! [Gardner Fox/ Dan Adkins]
  • Victim Of The Vampire! [Vern Bennett/ Frank Bolle]
  • One Way Trip [Larry Herndon/Bill Fraccio/ Tony Tallarico]
  • The Wolf-Man [Buddy Saunders/ Frank Bolle]

The Editor is credited as James Warren.


Vampirella # 7 - September 1970

Warren Issue 7 cover

Cover: Frank Frazetta

  • An Editorial To The President Of The United States And All The Members Of Congress [James Warren]
  • Why A Witch Trilogy? [Archie Goodwin?/ Frank Frazetta/ Billy Graham]
  • Prologue: Three Witches [Nicola Cuti/ Tom Sutton]
  • The White Witch! [Nicola Cuti/ Tom Sutton]
  • The Mind Witch [Nicola Cuti/ Ernie Colon]
  • The Black Witch! [Nicola Cuti /Billy Graham]
  • Epilogue: Three Witches [Nicola Cuti/ Tom Sutton]
  • Plague Of The Wolfe [Doug Moench/ Frank Bolle]
  • Terror Test! [R. Michael Rosen/ Bill Fraccio/ Tony Tallarico]
  • The Survivor [Buddy Saunders/ Ernie Colon]
  • The Collection Creation [R. Michael Rosen/ Jerry Grandenetti - mis-credited to Tony Williamsune]

Archie Goodwin becomes an Associate Editor.


Vampirella # 8 - November 1970

Warren Issue 8 cover

Cover: Ken Kelly

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: Love! [Tom Sutton]
  • Vampirella: Who Serves The Cause Of Chaos? [Archie Goodwin/ Tom Sutton]
  • Amazonia: The Demon In The Crypt! [Gardner Fox/ Billy Graham]
  • Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/ Frank Frazetta] (from Eerie #3).
  • Out Of The Fog … And Into The Mist! [Steve Skeates/ Ken Barr]
  • Snake Eyes [Nicola Cuti/ Jack Sparling]
  • Signs Of Sorcery [Don Glut/ George Roussos]
  • The Gulfer [Nicola Cuti/ Bill Fraccio/ Tony Tallarico]

Many people feel that this issue contains the first "real" Vampirella story as her character is cast in a more serious mode.


Vampirella # 9 - January 1971

Warren Issue 9 cover

Cover: Boris Vallejo/ Wally Wood

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: Lilith [Nicola Cuti/ Jeff Jones]
  • Vampirella: The Testing! [Archie Goodwin/ Tom Sutton]
  • Monster Bait! [Don Glut/ Joe Wehrle]
  • Fate's Cold Finger! [Doug Moench/ Ken Barr]
  • The Curse [Wally Wood]
  • Jack The Ripper Strikes Again [Chris Fellner/ Jerry Grandenetti]
  • The Boy Who Loved Trees! [Gardner Fox/ Barry Smith]
  • The Work Orders For The Day! [Alac Justice]

Barry Smith (better known today as Barry Windsor-Smith) makes his only appearance in a Warren publication.

Future artist Peter Hsu makes his comics debut on the fan page.


Vampirella # 10 - March 1971

Warren Issue 10 cover

Cover: Bill Hughes

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: The Face Of Medusa [Billy Graham]
  • Fiends In The Night! [Buddy Saunders/ Tom Sutton]
  • The Marriage [Steve Skeates/ Ralph Reese]
  • Eye Of Newt, Toe Of Frog [Gerry Conway/ Frank Brunner]
  • The Soft, Sweet Lips Of Hell! [Denny O’Neil/ Neal Adams/ Steve Englehart]
  • War Of The Wizards [Wally Wood]
  • A Thing Of Beauty! [Len Wein/ Billy Graham]
  • Regeneration Gap [Chuck McNaughton/ Tom Sutton]

There is no Vampirella story in this issue. Skipped, I assume, due to deadline problems.

Two other Tom Sutton stories are put in as replacements.


Vampirella # 11 - May 1971

Warren issue 11 cover

Cover: Frank Frazetta

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: The Devil's Daughter! [Tom Sutton]
  • Vampirella: Carnival Of The Damned! [Archie Goodwin/ Tom Sutton]
  • The Escape! [Larry Herndon/ L. M. Roca]
  • Prisoner In The Pool! [Buddy Saunders/ Dave Cockrum]
  • She'll Never Learn! [Steve Skeates/ Ken Barr]
  • The Green Plague [Nicola Cuti/ Jerry Grandenetti]
  • Dragon Woman [Sanho Kim]

This issue's cover "Woman With Scythe" is one of his most popular Frazetta Vampirella covers.

The Vampirella story returns in this issue, and appears in every issue from now on.


Vampirella # 12 - July 1971

Warren Issue 12 cover

Cover: Manuel Sanjulian

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: The Sirens! [Frank Brunner]
  • Vampirella: Death's Dark Angel [Archie Goodwin/ José Gonzalez]
  • Amazonia And The Eye Of Ozirios! [Gardner Fox/ Billy Graham]
  • The Quest [Jeff Jones]
  • Annual Warren Awards At The New York Comicon… [Martin Greim/
  • Ernie Colon] reprinted from Comic Crusader #10
  • To Kill A God! [Wally Wood]

This issue has the first José Gonzalez Vampirella story. Not his best effort by any means, it is however the first renditions of Vampirella by the artist who is considered by many to be the definitive Vampirella artist.

It is also the first issue to sport the "new style" Vampirella logo which continues to this day.


Vampirella # 13 - September 1971

Warren Issue 13 cover

Cover: Manuel Sanjulian

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: Lamiae [Gary Kaufman]
  • Vampirella: The Lurker In The Deep! [Archie Goodwin/ José Gonzalez]
  • From Death’s Dark Corner! [Gerry Conway/ Steve Hickman]
  • The Silver Thief And The Pharaoh's Daughter [Dean Latimer/ Jose Bea]
  • The Frog Prince! [Bill DuBay]
  • Eye Of The Beholder [Gary Kaufman]
  • Easy Way To A Tuff Surfboard! [Archie Goodwin/ Frank Frazetta] (from Eerie #3)

Another Warren first - the American debut of Jose Bea.


Vampirella # 14 - November 1971

Warren Issue 14 cover

Cover: Manuel Sanjulian

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: Ladies Of Misfortune [Tom Sutton]
  • Vampirella: Isle Of The Huntress! [Archie Goodwin/ José Gonzalez]
  • The Wedding Gift [Nicola Cuti/ Mike Ploog]
  • The Sword Of Light [Sam Glanzman]
  • Deadman's Treasure! [Lynn Marron/ Tom Sutton]
  • Wolf Hunt [Joe Wehrle/ Esteban Maroto]

Esteban Maroto makes his first Warren appearance in "Wolf Hunt".

The legendary Sam Glanzman turns in his only Warren work.

Lynn Marron makes her professional debut.


Vampirella # 15 - January 1972

Warren Issue 15 cover

Cover: Manuel Sanjulian

  • Vampi's Feary Tales: Metifa! [Bill DuBay/ Richard Corben]
  • Vampirella: The Resurrection Of Papa Voudou! [Archie Goodwin /José Gonzalez]
  • Quavering Shadows [Doug Moench/ Jose Bea]
  • A House Is Not A Home [Dave Mitchell/ Nebot]
  • 1971 Comicon Awards Go To Frazetta And Goodwin
  • Welcome To The Witches' Coven [Don McGregor/ Luis Garcia]

Dracula appears on the last page of the Vampirella story.