Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Warren Publishing: Issues 16 - 30


Vampirella # 16 - April 1972

Warren Issue 16 cover

Cover: Sanjulian

  • Vampi's feary tales: The gray women [Auraleon/ Jan S. Strnad]
  • Vampirella: ...and be a bride of chaos [Jose Gonzalez/ Archie Goodwin]
  • Purification [Nebot]
  • Gorilla my dreams [Esteban Maroto/ Gus St.Anthony]
  • Girl on the red asteroid [Bill Dubay/ Don Glut]
  • Lover! [Pat Boyette]
  • Cilia [Felix Mas/ Nicola Cuti]


Vampirella # 17 - June 1972

Warren Issue 17 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampi's feary tales: The story of Arachne [Auraleon/ Jan S. Strnad]
  • Vampirella: ...beware, dreamers! [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
  • Horus, tomb of the gods [Esteban Maroto]
  • Death in the shadows [Luis Garcia/ Doug Moench]
  • A man's world [Jose M. Bea/ Mike Jennings]
  • Lover of the bayou [Luis M. Roca/ Jan S. Strnad]
  • The wedding ring [Jerry Grandenetti/ Steve Skeates]


Vampirella # 18 - August 1972

Warren Issue 18 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampi's feary tales: Nymphs [Luis Garcia/ Kevin Pagan]
  • Vampirella: Dracula still lives! [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
  • Kali, tomb of the gods [Esteban Maroto]
  • Song of a sad-eyed sorceress [Luis Garcia/ Donald F. McGregor]
  • Won't get fooled again [Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
  • The 'Dorian Gray syndrome' [Felix Mas/ Don Glut]


Vampirella # 19 - September 1972Warren Issue 19 cover
Super Special Issue - 1973 Annual

Cover: Jose Gonzalez plus ...
Frank Frazetta (from Vampirella #1 and #7 and #11)
Bill Hughes (from Vampirella #2 and #10)
Larry Todd/ Vaughn Bode (from Vampirella #3 and #4)
Boris Vallejo/ Wally Wood (from Vampirella #9
Sanjulian (from Vampirella #12 and #14 and #15)

  • Inside front and inside back cover: Everything you always wanted to know about Vampirella but nobody ever told you..
  • Vampirella: Shadow of Dracula! [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
  • To kill a god! [Wally Wood] (from Vampirella #12)
  • Two silver bullets! [Reed Crandall/ Don Glut] (from Vampirella #1)
  • Fate's cold finger! [Ken Barr/ Douglas Moench] (from Vampirella #9)
  • Jack the Ripper strikes again [Jerry Grandenetti/ Fred Ott] (from Vampirella #9)
  • The survivor [Ernie Colon/ Buddy Saunders] (from Vampirella #7)
  • The soft, sweet lips of hell! [Neal Adams/ Steve Englehart/ Denny O'Neil] (from Vampirella #10)
  • The silver thief and the pharaoh's daughter [Jose M. Bea/ Dean Latimer] (from Vampirella #13)

I always thought that this issue was a bit cheeky ... It's only the 19th issue and already it is full of reprinted stories from previous issues!

At least the Vampirella story was new.


Vampirella # 20 - October 1972

Warren Issue 20 cover

Cover: Luis Dominguez

  • Vampi's feary tales: The matrimonial murderer [Auraleon/ Douglas Moench]
  • Vampirella: When wakes the dead [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
  • Gender bender, a tomb of the gods episode! [Esteban Maroto]
  • Love is no game [Luis Garcia/ Steve Skeates]
  • Eye opener! [Auraleon/ Douglas Moench - sic, i.e. Martin Pasko]
  • Vengeance, brother, vengeance! [Luis Dominguez/ Greg Potter]
  • Vampi's feary tales: The headless hauntress of Shepton Prison [Auraleon/ Douglas Moench]


Vampirella # 21 - December 1972

Warren Issue 21 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Inside front and inside back cover: Mind benders! [Bill DuBay]
  • Vampirella: Slitherers of the sand [T. Casey Brennan/ Jose Gonzalez/ Chad Archer - aka Steve Englehart]
  • A legend, the tomb of the gods [Esteban Maroto]
  • Paranoia [Luis Garcia/ Steve Skeates]
  • Puppy love! [Chuck McNaughton/ Rich Buckler]
  • The vampiress stalks the castle this night [Felix Mas/ Donald McGregor]


Vampirella # 22 - March 1973

Warren Issue 22 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Inside front and inside back cover: Silent night, unholy night [Bill DuBay]
  • Vampirella: Hell from on high [José Gonzalez/ Steve Englehart]
  • Orpheus, the tomb of the gods! [Esteban Maroto]
  • The viyi [Esteban Maroto] (from Warren's 1972 Dracula #1)
  • The sentence! [Jose Bea/ Steve Skeates]
  • The cry of the dhampir [Auraleon/ John Jacobson]
  • Minra [Felix Mas/ Ed Newsome]


Vampirella # 23 - April 1973

Warren Issue 23 cover

Cover: Sanjulian

  • Vampirella: The blood queen of Bayou Parish! [José Gonzalez/ Steve Englehart]
  • Cobra queen [Esteban Maroto/ Don Glut]
  • Call it companionship! [(Ramon Torrents/ Steve Skeates]
  • The accursed! [Jose Bea/ Kevin Pagan]
  • The witch's promise [Auraleon/ Gerry Boudreau]
  • Won't Eddie ever learn [Felix Mas/ Jim Stenstrum]


Vampirella # 24 - May 1973

Warren Issue 24 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampirella: Into the inferno! [José Gonzalez /Bill DuBay]
  • Middle-Am! [Esteban Maroto/ Steve Skeates]
  • Homo superior (Ramon Torrents/ Robert Rosen]
  • The choice" (Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
  • Changes" (Felix Mas/ Steve Skeates]


Vampirella # 25 - June 1973

Warren Issue 25 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampirella: What price love [José Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
  • The haunted child [Auraleon/ Nicola Cuti]
  • Nimrod [Esteban Maroto/ Jack L. Bannon]
  • Cold calculation [Ramon Torrents/ Doug Moench]
  • The dead howl at midnight [Jose Bea/ W. Eaton]


Vampirella # 26 - August 1973

Warren issue 26 cover

Cover: José Gonzalez/ Esteban Maroto/ Jose Bea/ Ramon Torrents

  • Vampirella: Demons in the fog! [Escolano/ José Gonzalez/ Len Wein]
  • Moonspawn [Esteban Maroto/ Doug Moench]
  • Fringe benefits [Jose Bea/ Doug Moench]
  • Demon child [Ramon Torrents/ James Crawford]
  • Blood brothers! [Isidro Mones/ Lynn Marron]


Vampirella # 27 - September 1973Warren Issue 27 cover
Super-Special Summer Issue - 1974 Annual

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Wolf hunt [Esteban Maroto/ Joe Wehrle] (from Vampirella #14)
  • Welcome to the witches' coven [Luis Garcia/ Donald F. McGregor] (from Vampirella #15)
  • Quavering shadows [Jose Bea/ Doug Moench] (from Vampirella #15)
  • The frog prince [Bill DuBay] (from Vampirella #13)
  • Vampirella: Return trip [José Gonzalez/ José Toutain]
  • Cilia [Felix Mas/ Nicola Cuti] (from Vampirella #16)
  • Quest [Jeff Jones] (from Vampirella #12)
  • War of the wizards [Wally Wood] (from Vampirella #10)

One new Vampirella story and a bunch of reprints from previous issues.


Vampirella # 28 - October 1973

Warren Issue 28 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampirella and the curse of the MacDaemons! [José Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
  • The clash of leviathans! [Ramon Torrents/ Doug Moench]
  • Blind man's guide [Fernando Fernandez]
  • The power and the gory! [Auraleon/ W. Eaton]
  • Eye don't want to die! [Ramon Torrents/ Doug Moench]
  • The other side of heaven! [Jose Bea]
  • Old Texas road [Isidro Mones/ Bruce Bezaire]


Vampirella # 29 - November 1973

Warren Issue 29 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampirella and the undead of the deep! [José Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
  • The evil eye [Ramon Torrents/ W. Eaton]
  • Stairway to heaven! [Fernando Fernandez]
  • Last lunch for rats! [Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
  • The vampires are coming, the vampires are coming! [Isidro Mones/ Doug Moench]

This issue features the Gerry Boudreau article "Two Vampirella's stun 5,500 at 1973 Comic Art Convention". The two Vampirellas referred to were Heidi Saha and Angelique Trouvere.


Vampirella # 30 - January 1974

Warren Issue 30 cover

Cover: Enrique Torres

  • Vampirella: The God of Blood [José Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
  • Pantha re-birth [Auraleon/ Steve Skeates]
  • As Though they were Living [Richard Corben/ Gerry Boudreau]
  • Memoirs! [Fernando Fernandez]
  • Captain Death [Isidro Mones/ Carl Wessler]