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Warren Publishing - Issues 16 - 30


Warren Issue 16 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 16 - April 1972

Cover: Sanjulian

Vampi's feary tales: The gray women [Auraleon/ Jan S. Strnad]
Vampirella: ...and be a bride of chaos [Jose Gonzalez/ Archie Goodwin]
Purification [Nebot]
Gorilla my dreams [Esteban Maroto/ Gus St.Anthony]
Girl on the red asteroid [Bill Dubay/ Don Glut]
Lover! [Pat Boyette]
Cilia [Felix Mas/ Nicola Cuti]



Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampi's feary tales: The story of Arachne [Auraleon/ Jan S. Strnad]
Vampirella: ...beware, dreamers! [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
Horus, tomb of the gods [Esteban Maroto]
Death in the shadows [Luis Garcia/ Doug Moench]
A man's world [Jose M. Bea/ Mike Jennings]
Lover of the bayou [Luis M. Roca/ Jan S. Strnad]
The wedding ring [Jerry Grandenetti/ Steve Skeates]


Warren Issue 17 cover
Warren Issue 18 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 18 - August 1972

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampi's feary tales: Nymphs [Luis Garcia/ Kevin Pagan]
Vampirella: Dracula still lives! [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
Kali, tomb of the gods [Esteban Maroto]
Song of a sad-eyed sorceress [Luis Garcia/ Donald F. McGregor]
Won't get fooled again [Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
The 'Dorian Gray syndrome' [Felix Mas/ Don Glut]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 19 - September 1972
Super special issue - 1973 annual

Cover: Jose Gonzalez plus ...
Frank Frazetta (from Vampirella #1 & #7 & #11)
Bill Hughes (from Vampirella #2 & #10)
Larry Todd/ Vaughn Bode (from Vampirella #3 & #4)
Boris Vallejo/ Wally Wood (from Vampirella #9
Sanjulian (from Vampirella #12 & #14 & #15)

Inside front & inside back cover: Everything you always wanted to know about Vampirella but nobody ever told you..
Vampirella: Shadow of Dracula! [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
To kill a god! [Wally Wood] (from Vampirella #12)
Two silver bullets! [Reed Crandall/ Don Glut] (from Vampirella #1)
Fate's cold finger! [Ken Barr/ Douglas Moench] (from Vampirella #9)
Jack the Ripper strikes again [Jerry Grandenetti/ Fred Ott] (from Vampirella #9)
The survivor [Ernie Colon/ Buddy Saunders] (from Vampirella #7)
The soft, sweet lips of hell! [Neal Adams/ Steve Englehart/ Denny O'Neil] (from Vampirella #10)
The silver thief and the pharaoh's daughter [Jose M. Bea/ Dean Latimer] (from Vampirella #13)

I always thought that this issue was a bit cheeky ... It's only the 19th issue and already it is full of reprinted stories from previous issues!

At least the Vampirella story was new.


Warren Issue 19 cover

Warren Issue 20 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 20 - October 1972

Cover: Luis Dominguez

Vampi's feary tales: The matrimonial murderer [Auraleon/ Douglas Moench]
Vampirella: When wakes the dead [Jose Gonzalez/ T. Casey Brennan]
Gender bender, a tomb of the gods episode! [Esteban Maroto]
Love is no game [Luis Garcia/ Steve Skeates]
Eye opener! [Auraleon/ Douglas Moench sic, i.e. Martin Pasko]
Vengeance, brother, vengeance! [Luis Dominguez/ Greg Potter]
Vampi's feary tales: The headless hauntress of Shepton Prison [Auraleon/ Douglas Moench]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 21 - December 1972

Cover: Enrique Torres

Inside front & inside back cover: Mind benders! [Bill DuBay]
Vampirella: Slitherers of the sand [T. Casey Brennan/ Jose Gonzalez/ Chad Archer aka Steve Englehart]
A legend, the tomb of the gods [Esteban Maroto]
Paranoia [Luis Garcia/ Steve Skeates]
Puppy love! [Chuck McNaughton/ Rich Buckler]
The vampiress stalks the castle this night [Felix Mas/ Donald McGregor]


Warren Issue 21 cover
Warren Issue 22 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 22 - March 1973

Cover: Enrique Torres

Inside front & inside back cover: Silent night, unholy night [Bill DuBay]
Vampirella: Hell from on high [Jose Gonzalez/ Steve Englehart]
Orpheus, the tomb of the gods! [Esteban Maroto]
The viyi [Esteban Maroto] (from Warren's 1972 Dracula #1)
The sentence! [Jose Bea/ Steve Skeates]
The cry of the dhampir [Auraleon/ John Jacobson]
Minra [Felix Mas/ Ed Newsome]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 23 - April 1973

Cover: Sanjulian

Vampirella: The blood queen of Bayou Parish! [Jose Gonzalez/ Steve Englehart]
Cobra queen [Esteban Maroto/ Don Glut]
Call it companionship! [(Ramon Torrents/ Steve Skeates]
The accursed! [Jose Bea/ Kevin Pagan]
The witch's promise [Auraleon/ Gerry Boudreau]
Won't Eddie ever learn [Felix Mas/ Jim Stenstrum]


Warren Issue 23 cover
Warren Issue 24 cover


Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: Into the inferno! [Jose Gonzalez /Bill DuBay]
Middle-Am! [Esteban Maroto/ Steve Skeates]
Homo superior (Ramon Torrents/ Robert Rosen]
The choice" (Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
Changes" (Felix Mas/ Steve Skeates]



Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: What price love [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
The haunted child [Auraleon/ Nicola Cuti]
Nimrod [Esteban Maroto/ Jack L. Bannon]
Cold calculation [Ramon Torrents/ Doug Moench]
The dead howl at midnight [Jose Bea/ W. Eaton]


Warren Issue 25 cover
Warren issue 26 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 26 - August 1973

Cover: Jose Gonzalez/ Esteban Maroto/ Jose Bea/ Ramon Torrents

Vampirella: Demons in the fog! [Escolano/ Jose Gonzalez/ Len Wein]
Moonspawn [Esteban Maroto/ Doug Moench]
Fringe benefits [Jose Bea/ Doug Moench]
Demon child [Ramon Torrents/ James Crawford]
Blood brothers! [Isidro Mones/ Lynn Marron]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 27 - September 1973
Super-special summer issue - 1974 annual

Cover: Enrique Torres

Wolf hunt [Esteban Maroto/ Joe Wehrle] (from Vampirella #14)
Welcome to the witches' coven [Luis Garcia/ Donald F. McGregor] (from Vampirella #15)
Quavering shadows [Jose Bea/ Doug Moench] (from Vampirella #15)
The frog prince [Bill DuBay] (from Vampirella #13)
Vampirella: Return trip [Jose Gonzalez/ José Toutain]
Cilia [Felix Mas/ Nicola Cuti] (from Vampirella #16)
Quest [Jeff Jones] (from Vampirella #12)
War of the wizards [Wally Wood] (from Vampirella #10)

One new Vampirella story and a bunch of reprints from previous issues.


Warren Issue 27 cover
Warren Issue 28 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 28 - October 1973

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella and the curse of the MacDaemons! [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
The clash of leviathans! [Ramon Torrents/ Doug Moench]
Blind man's guide [Fernando Fernandez]
The power and the gory! [Auraleon/ W. Eaton]
Eye don't want to die! [Ramon Torrents/ Doug Moench]
The other side of heaven! [Jose Bea]
Old Texas road [Isidro Mones/ Bruce Bezaire]



Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella and the undead of the deep! [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
The evil eye [Ramon Torrents/ W. Eaton]
Stairway to heaven! [Fernando Fernandez]
Last lunch for rats! [Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
The vampires are coming, the vampires are coming! [Isidro Mones/ Doug Moench]

This issue features the Gerry Boudreau article "Two Vampirella's stun 5,500 at 1973 Comic Art Convention". The two Vampirellas referred to were Heidi Saha and Angelique Trouvere.


Warren Issue 29 cover
Warren Issue 30 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 30 - january 1974

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The God of Blood [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Pantha re-birth [Auraleon/ Steve Skeates]
As Though they were Living [Richard Corben/ Gerry Boudreau]
Memoirs! [Fernando Fernandez]
Captain Death [Isidro Mones/ Carl Wessler]



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