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Warren Publishing - Issues 106 - 112


Warren Issue 106 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 106 - July 1982

Cover: Enrich

Vampirella: A love blessed in hell [Jose Gonzalez/ Rich Margopoulos]
Sweetwater Nessie, [pt.1] [Auraleon/ Don McGregor]
Pantha: On the trail of the cat [Jose Ortiz/ David Allikas]
The Fox and the Deer [Luis Bermejo/ Nicola Cuti]
Jeremy, [pt.1] [Paul Gillon]
Safari [Esteban Maroto/ David Allikas]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 107 - August 1982

Cover: Sanjulian

Vampirella: The blood red queen of hearts [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay] (from Vampirella #49)
Moonspawn [Esteban Maroto/ Doeg Moench] (from Vampirella #26)
Black and white vacuum to blues [Esteban Maroto/ Doug Moench] (from Vampirella #34)
The circus of King Carnival! [Esteban Maroto/ Gerry Boudreau] (from Vampirella #39)
Look what they've done! [Esteban Maroto/ Steve Skeates]
Snow White and the deadly dwarfs [Esteban Maroto/ Steve Skeates/ Gerry Boudreau] (from Vampirella #39)


Warren Issue 107 cover
Warren Issue 108 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 108 - September 1982

Cover: Enrich

Vampirella: Spawn of the star beast [Jose Gonzalez/ Rich Margopoulos]
Sweetwater Nessie, [pt.2] [Auraleon/ Don McGregor]
Pantha: Circus monstrous [Jose Ortiz/ David Allikas]
The Fox: The beast lies sleeping [Luis Bermejo/ Nicola Cuti]
Jeremy, [pt.2] [Paul Gillon/ Rudy Nebres (splash page)]
Torpedo 1936, [pt.1] [Alex Toth/ E. Sanchez Abuli] (from Spanish Creepy {Toutain})


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 109 - October 1982
Summer Spectacular!

Cover: Sanjulian

Vampirella: The corpse with the missing mind [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay] (from Vampirella #55)
The sultan of 42nd Street [Felix Mas/ Carl Wessler/ Gerry Boudreau] (from Vampirella #39)
Dungeons of the soul [Felix Mas/ T. Casey Brennan] (from Creepy #45)
Out of the nameless city [Felix Mas/ John Jacobson] (from Vampirella #38)
The climbers of the tower [Felix Mas/ T. Casey Brennan]
Miranda [Felix Mas/ Fred Ott] p.55-60 (from Vampirella #34)
The Dorian Gray syndrome [Felix Mas/ Don Glut] p.63-68 (from Vampirella #18)
The killer! [Felix Mas/ Steve Skeates]
Minra [Felix Mas/ Ed Newsome] (from Vampirella #22)
Changes [Felix Mas/ Steve Skeates] (from Vampirella #24)


Warren Issue 109 cover

Warren Issue 110 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 110 - December 1982

Cover: Enrich

Vampirella: A feast of fear [Jose Gonzalez/ Rich Margopoulos]
Masque of the red death! [Auraleon/ Edgar Allen Poe/ Rich Margopoulos]
Jeremy, [pt.3] [Paul Gillon]
Torpedo 1936, [pt.2] [Alex Toth/ E. Sanchez Abuli]
Nightwind [Auraleon/ Gerry Boudreau]
Queen of souls! [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay]
Vampirella: Tales of lost Drakulon! [Gonzalo Mayo/ Bill DuBay]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 111 - January 1983
Giant Collector's Edition!

Cover: Pujolar (from Devilina #1)

Vampirella and the curse of the MacDaemons! [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth] (from Vampirella #28)
Vampirella and the undead of the deep! [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth] (from Vampirella #29)
The time eater! [Paul Neary/ Jack Butterworth] (from Vampirella #40)
The munificent Ali Addan and son! [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay] (from Vampirella #68)
Force-feed [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Cary Bates] (from Vampirella #59)
Fog [Carmine Infantino/ Dick Giordano/ Nicola Cuti] (from Vampirella #62)
The French coagulation [Luis Bermejo/ Carl Wessler/ Gerry Boudreau] (from Vampirella #39)


Warren Issue 111 cover
Warren Issue 112 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 112 - March 1983

Cover: Martin Hoffman

Vampirella: The walker of worlds [Jose Gonzalez/ Rich Margopoulos]
The Fox: Shadows of the mind [Luis Bermejo/ John Ellis Sech/ Nicola Cuti]
Torpedo 1936, [pt.3] [Jordi Bernet/ E. Sanchez Abuli]
The ransom [Auraleon/ Michael Fleisher]
Limbo [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay]
Vampirella: Feeding frenzy [Gonzalo Mayo/ Rich Margopoulos]



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