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Warren Publishing - Issues 61 - 75


Warren Issue 61 cover


Cover: Enrique Torres

An eye for an eye: Vampirella [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
Skimpole's monsters [Ramon Torrents/ Bill DuBay]
Brother hawk [Carmine Infantino/ Alex Niño/ Nicola Cuti]
The enchanting fable of Thistlewhite the Bold [Russ Heath/ Bill DuBay]
Companions to the sun [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Bruce Jones]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 62 - August 1977

Cover: Enrique Torres

Starpatch, Quark & Mother Blitz [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
U.F.O. [Ramon Torrents/ Josep Toutain]
Beautiful screamer [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Bruce Jones]
Time ticket [Esteban Maroto/ Gerry Boudreau]
Fog [Carmine Infantino/ Dick Giordano/ Nicola Cuti]
By treason's knife [Leopoldo Sanchez sic, Jose Ortiz/ Gerry Boudreau]


Warren Issue 62 cover
Warren Issue 63 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 63 - September 1977
Giant Special Issue - 1978 Annual

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: Vampirella and the Sultana's revenge [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth] (from Vampirella #33)
Jenifer [Berni Wrightson/ Bruce Jones] (from Creepy #63)
Ground round [Auraleon/ Roger McKenzie] (from Vampirella #50)
As ye sow... [Luis Bermejo/ Bruce Jones] (from Creepy #79)
The parable of the hermits of Glastonbury Tor [Ramon Torrents/ Gerry Boudreau]
The professional [Zesar/ Bruce Jones]
Wings of vengeance! [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay] (from Creepy #81)


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 64 - October 1977

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The manipulators [Gonzalo Mayo/ Gerry Boudreau]
Vampirella: The eradicators [Gonzalo Mayo/ Carmine Infantino/ Gerry Boudreau]
Vampirella: The vindicators [Gonzalo Mayo/ Gerry Boudreau]
Vampirella: The intruders [Gonzalo Mayo/ Gerry Boudreau]
Vampirella: The stalkers [Gonzalo Mayo/ Gerry Boudreau]
Vampirella: The iconoclasts [Gonzalo Mayo/ Gerry Boudreau]
Vampirella: The survivors [Gonzalo Mayo/ Gerry Boudreau]


Warren Issue 64 cover

Warren Issue 65 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 65 - December 1977

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The mad king of Drakulon [Jose Gonzalez /Bill DuBay]
A game of hide and seek [Leo Duranona/ Roger McKenzie]
Mystery of the strangled stockbroker [Jose Ortiz/ Gerry Boudreau]
The pharoah's lady [Luis Bermejo/ Nicola Cuti]
...but first, this brief interruption [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Bruce Jones]
Goodbye, Norma Jean [Auraleon/ Bill DuBay]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 66 - January 1978

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: To be a bride in death [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
Down under [Luis Bermejo/ Bruce Jones]
Picture complete [Gonzalo Mayo/ Bruce Jones]
The blazer [Jose Ortiz/ Bruce Jones]


Warren Issue 66 cover
Warren Issue 67 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 67 - March 1978
Special Issue

Cover: Live Model (Barbara Leigh)

Vampirella: The glorious return of Sweet Baby Theda [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
The quest [Ramon Torrents/ Budd Lewis]
Fish bait [Alex Niño/ Nicola Cuti]
Home sweet horologium [Paul Neary/ Nicola Cuti]
Choice cuts [Russ Heath/ Cary Bates]
The last dragon king [Esteban Maroto/ Roger McKenzie]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 68 - April 1978

Cover: Enrique Torres

Orphee, poor Orphee, they made him in a jar right there in the lab!: Vampirella [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
October man [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Bruce Jones]
Fleur: Night of the alley cats [Ramon Torrents/ Gerry Boudreau]
By degrees [Jose Ortiz/ Bruce Jones]
The munificent Ali Addan and son! [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay]


Warren Issue 68 cover
Warren Issue 69 cover


Cover: Live Model (Barbara Leigh)

Vampirella: The saga of Frick and Frack Freckles and the phantom of Hollywood [Gonzalo Mayo/ Bill DuBay]
Hit six [Luis Bermejo/ Bruce Jones]
Off the beaten empath [Leo Duranona/ Gerry Boudreau]
Reagan redux [Jose Ortiz/ Bruce Jones]
Jessie's friend [Gonzalo Mayo/ Bruce Jones]


NOTE: The lead Vampiurella story (The saga of frck and Frack ...) had a misapplied title! The title actually belongs to story later published as The cases of the connected clowns and the collector! in Vampirella #71)



Cover: Ken Kelly

Vampirella: Ghostly granny Gearloose [Gonzalo Mayo/ Bill DuBay]
Mask of U'Gin [Jose Ortiz/ Nicola Cuti/ Gerry Boudreau]
Swamp lovers [Leo Duranona/ Bill DuBay]
Reality twice removed [Ramon Torrents/ Gerry Boudreau]
The terrible exorcism of Adriennes Pompereau [Auraleon/ Luis Vigil/ Bill DuBay]

Warren Issue 70 cover
Warren issue 71 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 71 - August 1978

Cover: Live Model (Barbara Leigh)

Vampirella: The case of the connected clowns and the collector! [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
Trial of the sorceress [Esteban Maroto/ Bill DuBay]
Night of the chicken [Jess Jodloman/ Michael Fleisher]
Machu Picchu: the treasure of the Incas [Luis Bermejo/ Josep Toutain/ Nicola Cuti]
Australopithicus [Leo Duranona/ Bruce Jones]


NOTE: The lead Vampirella story (the case of the connected clowns...) was originally intended to be entitled The saga of Frick and Frack Freckles and the phantom of hollywood which was mistakenly used for an unrelated story in Vampirella #69)


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 72 - September 1978

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The beauty and the behemoth [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
The eyes have it [Auraleon]
Fruitcake [Adolpho Azpiri/ Bill DuBay]
Scheherazade [Esteban Maroto]
Invasion of the cyclops monsters [Jose Ortiz/ Nicola Cuti]
A nightmare for Mrs. Agatha [Leo Duranona/ Guillermo Saccomanno]


Warren Issue 72 cover
Warren Issue 73 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 73 - October 1978

Cover: Bob Larkin

A gathering of demons: Vampirella [Gonzalo Mayo/ Bill DuBay]


Now here's a first, one single Vampirella story taking up the whole magazine (from page 5 to page 73)!


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 74 - December 1978

Cover: Live Model (Barbara Leigh)

Vampirella: Hell from on high [Jose Gonzalez/ Steve Englehart] (from Vampirella #22)
Vampirella: The blood queen of Bayou Parish! [Jose Gonzalez/ Steve Englehart] (from Vampirella #23)
Wolf hunt [Esteban Maroto/ Joe Wehrle] (from Vampirella #14)


Warren Issue 74 cover
Warren Issue 75 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 75 - January 1979

Cover: Jose Gonzalez/Kim McQuaite

The blob beast of Blighter's Bog: Vampirella [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
Peter Peter [Leo Duranona/ Gerry Souter]
Sasquatch love [Jose Ortiz/ Cary Bates]
Business is booming [Isidro Mones/ Bob Black]
Matter of principle [Alphonso Azpiri /Budd Lewis/ Len Wein]



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