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Warren Publishing - Issues 31 - 45


Warren Issue 31 cover

Unpublished cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 31 - march 1974

Cover: Frank Frazetta

Vampirella: The betrothed of the sun-god [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Pantha: Family ties [Auraleon/ Steve Skeates]
The truth! [Fernando Fernandez]
The Woodlik inheritance! [Rich Corben]
The strange, incureable phobia of mad Pierre Langlois! [Jose Bea]
Luana [Esteban Maroto/ Doug Moench]


TRIVIA: The lower of the two pictures on the left was the original cover for the magazine, but it was never published.

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 32 - April 1974

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The running red [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Pantha: Black on white [Auraleon/ Steve Skeates]
Harry [Jeff Jones/ Richard Corben]
Dead run [Jeff Jones/ Richard Corben]
The man whose soul was spoiling! [Fernando Fernandez]
Just like old times! [Ramon Torrents/ Rich Margopoulos]


Warren Issue 32 cover
Warren Issue 33 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 33 - may 1974

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: Vampirella and the Sultana's revenge! [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Pantha: Childhood haunt! [Auraleon/ Steve Skeates]
Top to bottom [Rich Corben/ Jack Butterworth]
...Number 37 is missing! [Isidro Mones/ Budd Lewis]
Barfly! [Adolfo Abellan/ John Jacobson]



Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The carnival of death! [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Miranda [Felix Mas/ Fred Ott]
Fleur: From the Spain of legend [Ramon Torrents/ John Jacobson]
Black and white vacuum to blues [Esteban Maroto/ Doug Moench/ Bill DuBay]
Recurrence! [Jose Bea/ Steve Skeates]
Cold cuts [Jeff Jones/ Berni Wrightson]


Warren Issue 34 cover

Warren Issue 35 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 35 - August 1974

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The blood-gulper [Jose Ortiz/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Relatives! [Esteban Maroto/ Bruce Bezaire]
Fleur: Our tarts were young and gay! [Ramon Torrents/ John Jacobson]
Pure as snow [Felix Mas/ Jack Butterworth]
The night ran red with gore [Auraleon/ Carl Wessler]
Rendezvous! [Fernando Fernandez]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 36 - September 1974

Cover; Sanjulian

Vampirella: The vampire of the Nile [Jose Ortiz/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
A wonderful morning! [Fernando Fernandez/ Rich Corben]
The tiara of Dagon! [Esteban Maroto/ John Jacobson]
Good to the last drop! [Ramon Torrents/ Martin Pasko]
Sword play [Felix Mas/ Martin Pasko]
Prey for me! [Auraleon/ Rich Margopoulos]
Puppet-player! [Jose Bea/ Michele Brand]


Warren Issue 36 cover
Warren Issue 37 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 37 - October 1974
Super special summer giant - 1975 annual

Cover: Sanjulian

Cobra queen [Esteban Maroto/ Don Glut] (from Vampirella #23)
Vampirella: She who waits! [Jose Gonzalez/ Archie Goodwin]
Song of a sad-eyed sorceress [Luis Garcia/ Donald F. McGregor] (from Vampirella #18)
The cry of the dhampir [Auraleon/ John Jacobson] (from Vampirella #22)
Demon child [Ramon Torrents/ James Crawford] (from Vampirella #26)
The vampiress stalks the castle this night [Felix Mas/ Donald F. McGregor] (from Vampirella #21)
Blood brothers! [Isidro Munes/ Lynn Marron] (from Vampirella #26)
The accursed! [Jose Bea/ Kevin Pagan] (from Vampirella #23)


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 38 - December 1974

Cover: Sanjulian

Vampirella: The mummy's revenge [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Gypsy curse [Esteban Maroto/Gerry Boudreau/ Carl Wessler]
Lucky stiff [Ramon Torrents/Gerry Boudreau/ Carl Wessler]
Out of the nameless city [Felix Mas/ John Jacobson]
On little cat feet! [Auraleon/ John Jacobson]
Trick of the tide [Isidro Munes/ Jack Butterworth]


Warren Issue 38 cover
Warren Issue 39 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 39 - January 1975

Cover: Ken Kelly

Vampirella: The head-hunter of London [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
The sultan of 42nd Street [Felix Mas/ Carl Wessler/ Gerry Boudreau]
Snow White and the deadly dwarfs [Esteban Maroto/ Steve Skeates/ Gerry Boudreau]
The circus of King Carnival! [Esteban Maroto/ Gerry Boudreau/ Michele Brand]
The curse of Castle Vlad! [Auraleon/ Doug Moench]
The French coagulation [Luis Bermejo/ Carl Wessler/ Gerry Boudreau]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 40 - March 1975
Super special Christmas holiday issue

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The nameless ravisher [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Dracula: The winged shaft of fate [Esteban Maroto/ Gerry Boudreau/ Michele Brand]
The face of death! [Ramon Torrents/ Carl Wessler]
The man who never was! [Fernando Fernandez]
The time eater! [Paul Neary/ Jack Butterworth]
Home for the holidays [Luis Bermejo/ Budd Lewis]


Warren Issue 40 cover
Warren issue 41 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 41 - April 1975

Cover: Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The malignant morticians! [Leopoldo Sanchez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth]
Dracula: Rainy night in Georgia [Esteban Maroto/ Gerry Boudreau]
The house on the sea [Auraleon/ Jim Stenstrum]
The Wickford witches [Jose Ortiz/ Gerry Boudreau]
Goodbye, my love, goodbye [Fernando Fernandez]



Cover; Enrique Torres

Vampirella: The mountain of skulls [Jose Gonzalez/ Flaxman Loew aka, Mike Butterworth/ Gerry Boudreau]
Around the corner...just beyond eternity! [Luis Garcia/ Gerry Boudreau/ Victor Mora]
Laugh clown, laugh! [Esteban Maroto/ Shelly Leferman]
Pantha: Straw on the wind [Auraleon/ Budd Lewis]
The Whitfield contract [Fernando Fernandez]

Warren Issue 42 cover
Warren Issue 43 cover


Cover: Ribas

Vampirella (Assassin's bullet) [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay]
The wolves at war's end! [Luis Garcia/ Bud Lewis/ Victor Mora]
The Easter bunny murders [Ramon Torrents/ Gerry Boudreau]
Cult of the dead [Isidro Mones/ Gerry Boudreau]
The last testament of Angus Crow [Fernando Fernandez]


VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 44 - August 1975

Cover: Sanjulian

Vampirella: Blood for the dancing sorcerer [Jose Gonzalez/ Bill DuBay/ Gerry Boudreau]
Love strip [Luis Garcia/ Carlos Giménez/ Gerry Boudreau/ Victor Mora]
Troll [Ramon Torrents/ Bruce Bezaire]
Pantha: Changing [Auraleon/ Budd Lewis]


Warren Issue 44 cover
Warren Issue 45 cover

VAMPIRELLA ISSUE 45 - September 1975
Special summer giant - 1976 annual

Cover: Enrique Torres (from Vampirella #17, #29 and #40).
Jose Gonzalez (from Vampirella #19)
Frank Frazetta (top center background)
Sanjulian (from Vampirella #38)

Vampirella: Blood wager [Gonzalo Mayo/ Len Wein]
The parable of the hermits of Glastonbury Tor [Ramon Torrents/ Gerry Boudreau]
Janis! [Luis Garcia/ Budd Lewis/ Victor Mora]
A hero born of wishes [Esteban Maroto/ Gerry Boudreau]
The Winter of their discontent [Isidro Mones/ Gerry Boudreau]
There are no children in Hungry Hollow, Tennessee [Jose Ortiz/ Gerry Boudreau]



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