Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Various Other Cards

It is not just Harris and Dynamite who have produced Trading Cards with images of Vampirella. Some of these are "one-offs", some are part of other sets. But they all feature Vampirella in one way or another...

Wacky Packages

Wacky Packages - 1975

Wacky Packages are a series of trading cards featuring parodies of American consumer products. The cards were produced by the Topps Company beginning in 1967, usually in a sticker format. The original series sold for two years, and the concept proved popular enough that it has been revived every few years since.

In February 1975 they launched their 13th series which featured a parody of a Warren's Vampirella #27.

Jay Lynch's original rough version finally saw light of day as "Umbrella", which may well be the first ever Vampirella Trading Card.

Wacky Packages

3's Company Sticker Card

Another very early (trading) card to have Vampirella in it.

In card #40 of the 1978 Three's Company television sitcom sticker-cards, the girls are studying a "girlie" magazine's centre fold pages. The phony title of the magazine is Living Love, but the cover is pure Warren Vampirella!

The original cover is from Warren Vampirella #63.

Wizard 16Wizard 16 signed

Wizard #16 Card

This card was originally given away with Wizard magazine, but was also distributed as part of the Scarlet Legion fan club membership goodies for a while.

It is also available as a limited edition of 1,500 signed by Louis Small Jr., complete with Certificate of Authority.

Pantha P1Pantha P2

Pantha Promo Cards

To mark the launch of the new Pantha series (first announced in 1997) Harris issued these two Pantha promo cards.

Unfortunately, the series was cancelled.

At least we got the cards.

Mike Kaluta Cards

Mike Kaluta had the distinction of creating all four covers for the seminal Morning In America series.

In 1994, FPG produced a card set featuring the work of Mike Kaluta, and these are four of the cards from that set (28, 30, 34 and 36). It is well worth getting hold of the complete set, not just for these four cards but for all of the examples of his work.

Kaluta 28 spacer Kaluta 30 spacer Kaluta 34 spacer Kaluta 36

FGP 18To help promote the Mike Kaluta series of trading cards FGP issued an oversize promo card (#18).

I think these went to dealers and comic shops to put on display.

The reverse of the card has Mike's rendition of Vampirella from the cover of Morning In America Book 2.

This FGP promo card was available in both perforated and imperforate varieties.

The perforated card had a perforation on the bottom, presumably so it could be stitched in to a magazine or similar.

FGP 27FPG also produced a general purpose card to promote all of it's artists featured in the 1995 Colossal Cards Series II sets. On one side was Vampirella by Mike Kaluta and art by David Cherry on the other.

This FGP promo card (#27) was also available in both perforated and imperforate varieties.

The perforated card had a perforation on the right hand side.

Frank Frazetta

Frank Frazetta

This is the reverse of card #42 from the Frazetta II Trading Cards set issued by Comic Images in 1992.

The write up on the card confirms that it was Trina Robbins who was responsible for the design of Vampirella's costume.

Hero Illustrated

Hero Illustrated

Hero Illustrated magazine included an H-5 promo card with their November 1993 issue.

This is a card that is getting increasingly rare.

Don Paresi

Vampires and Vixens Mail-In Card

Don Paresi's 1994 Vampires and Vixens set of trading cards had a special mail in offer of a "nude" Vampirella card. To get the card you would have had to purchased a box of cards for $35 to get the coupon and then paid an extra $2.50 for postage costs.

The cards come in two flavours, signed and unsigned. The original mail in offer was for the unsigned card, but of late Don Paresi has been selling these cards, signed by him on the back, via eBay. As a consequence, the unsigned card has gained greater rarity value than the signed one!

Though I am not a fan of nude Vampirella artwork, I have to say that I think that Don Paresi has done the nudity rather tastefully.

Barbara Leigh

The Original "Vampirella" Barbara Leigh Limited Edition (only 1,000) autographed collector card.

Each card is individually signed by Barbara Leigh in blue ink and they are obtainable from her web site at $25.00 each.

Barbara Leigh C1 spacer Barbara Leigh C2 spacer Barbara Leigh C3
Standard card Signed card

Steve Woron Cards

To celebrate their tenth birthday, the illustration Studio issued a trading card set to celebrate the art of Steve Woron.

Not known for his depictions of Vampirella, Steve only had one card with her image but it is a beauty.

You can get these now and again on eBay in both a signed and an unsigned version.


Ebas Trading Card

I saw this on eBay but was outbid... so I have very little info on this card other than it is obviously Ebas' artwork for the cover of the Jay Company Limited Edition of Revelations #0.

I'm sure someone will eventually contact me and let me know some more about this card.