Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon
Gold Foil Cards

Visions of Vampirella

Issued in 1994 by Topps, the standard set consists of 72 cards depicting various Vampirella artwork. Issued in packs of eleven, the cards consisted of ten standard cards with a red foil Vampirella logo and one card with a gold foil Vampirella logo.

If you bought the cards pack by pack you wouldn't know which cards you had until you opened the pack, resulting in a lot of duplicates and a lot of expense to get all the gold cards!

As well as the regular cards there are promo (promotional) cards from a variety of sources - usually included with a specific issue of Vampirella or other publications.


Standard set

72 cards with a red (or gold) foil Vampirella logo on each one.


Promo cards

  • Promo #0 - The same art as card 60 in the set. [SOURCE?]
  • Promo #00 - Same as card 2 in the set, this card was polybagged with Vengeance of Vampirella #11.
  • Promo #91 - This card was supplied as a "freebie" with every purchase of the official Visions Folder.
  • Promo C1 - This card was polybagged with issue 2 of Combo magazine.
  • Promo P1 - The same art as card 57 in the set, and only available via the Scarlet Legion.
  • Promo P2 - Featuring Cathy Christian, this card was polybagged with Vengeance of Vampirella #8.
  • Promo P3 - The same art as card 84 in the set. [SOURCE?]

Diamond 5 x 7 card

Not sure where this came from ... yet! [SOURCE?]


Pinup Inserts

The Visions set had seven "pinup" cards. These are quite rare as they were only issued one per sealed box of packets of cards.

  • #0 featured art by Caesar.
  • #1 has a beautiful rendition by José Gonzalez.
  • #2 has a photo of Sascha Knopf.
  • #3 is identical to card #47 in the Visions set and features John Bolton's work.
  • #4 is a flipped version of card #70 in the Visions set by Brian Stelfreeze.
  • #5 is identical to card #83 in the Visions set and features a classic Ray Lago pose.
  • #6 features Joe Chiodo's art.

Horror Glow Chase Cards

Very slightly luminescent, the idea of the Horror Glow cards is that they will glow in the dark... Sadly, it didn't work that well for me! But the cards are nice, though.

Original price $29.95.

Artwork by:-

  • C1: J. Scott Campbell
  • C2: Joe Chiodo
  • C3: Cully Hamner
  • C4: Jae Lee
  • C5: Jason Pearson
  • C6: Jim Valentino

Printing Error

Error CardAn interesting "error" card recently came to my attention courtesy of Brian Swartz. He picked up a copy of a Horrorglow C6 card from a show in the mid 1990s which has a completely blank reverse side. The front is fine but there is no printing on the back. Topps have no knowledge of this card and it is probably a one-off printing error.

It is certainly rare, if not unique, but does that make it a collectible item? Is it just a mistake with no value, a novelty item of some value or a genuine rarity which a Vampirella collector must have for his/her collection?

Other collectors of items such as coins and stamps do consider misprints and manufacturing errors as rarities of high worth. I know of a man who paid a huge amount for a toy car which had the wrong coloured seat in it. It seems the factory ran out of the right coloured plastic so they used a different coloured plastic on the last six cars which are now highly collectable.

Is it the same for this card? Brian paid $9.00 for this in 1995. It will be interesting to find out it's current market value, which will be determined by how much a collector of Vampirella items and/or trading cards is willing to pay for this item.