Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Christmas Ornaments

Buffy Ornament

Buffy OrnamentSomeone has very cleverly used the faked picture of Sarah Michelle Geller (a.k.a. Buffy The Vampire Slayer) in a Vampirella outfit which has been drifting around the internet for quite a few years now to make a novelty Christmas ornament.

The value of this item comes from several directions.

  • 1- This is not a commercially made item and was only available for a limited time (late 2005) in limited numbers.

  • 2- It is particularly fragile so as time passes the number left in existence will slowly depreciate.

  • 3- What red blooded male wouldn't love to see Sarah Michelle Geller dressed as Vampirella?

Undetermined Ornament

Unknown OrnamentThis appeared in 2006 and I haven't seen it since. This is probably not a bad thing as it doesn't look like it is particularly well made - or maybe it is just a poor photograph.

The image is a Joe Jusko classic from the heyday of Harris' Vampirella run.

MAC Crescent Moon Ornament

Sculpted by Clayborne Moore and produced by Moore Action Collectibles (MAC) in 2001 these officially licensed ornaments are made of porcelain and come ready painted. For a mass produced Chinese product the paint job is extremely good - at least the ones I have are!

There are two variants, the standard red costumed version and a limited edition with Vampirella in a black costume.

Every year my partner puts up our Christmas tree and I am told in no uncertain terms that Vampirella is not a suitable icon to decorate a tree celebrating a Christian festival. I reluctantly agree, wait a couple of days and then add one of my standard Vampirella ornaments to the tree. The fun comes from seeing how long it takes her to notice that it is there.

To be fair, when she does notice she just rolls her eyes in despair and leaves it there.