Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Vampirella Icons

I'm not quite sure what to call these - icons, thumbs (thumbnails), avatars, whatever...

Anyway, I have a small collection of miniature Vampirella pictures from the now defunct Micro Heroes site to use in a variety of ways.

They are shown on the page full size so just right click on them and SAVE AS… (or just drag them off the page onto your desktop).

Vampirella Icons

Vampirella Animated Icon

Vampirella Icon 1 spacer Vampirella Icon 2 spacer Vampirella Icon 3 spacer Vampirella Icon 4 spacer Vampirella Icon 5

Vampirella Icon 6


Vampi Icons

Vampi Icon 1 spacer Vampi Icon 2 spacer Vampi Icon


Lorelei Icons

Lorelei Icon 1 spacer Lorelei Icon 2 spacer Lorelei Icon 3 spacer Lorelei Icon 4

Lorelei Icon 5 spacer Lorelei Icon 6


Icons of Vampirella's Friends

Pantha and a couple of Nuns from the Vengeance of Vampirella series.

Pantha Icon spacer Nun Icon 1 spacer Nun Icon 2