Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Flash Paper Doll

A few years ago I found a small Vampirella site on Geocities called Vampirella's Femme Fatales. A small but well designed site, it contained a couple of really nice Flash movies featuring Vampirella. I tried to get hold of the site designer, Paul Hagwood but the site had obviously been abandoned a long time ago and all his email/ contact links did not work.

These are too valuable pieces of Vampirella ephemera to pass by, so after a fruitless trawl on the internet trying to locate Paul I used a very useful little application called Site Sucker to download the site files, including the .swf files for his Halloween Card and Interactive Doll.

I can sit and play with this for hours…

Please note that the links in the Flash movie above do not work.
If you click on the links you will get a "404 - File Not Found" error.
Without the original .fla files I cannot correct this.

Paul contacted me to promise a new version of his interactive paper doll and to say how pleased he was to see his work here.

If you liked this paper doll take a look at his Flash Halloween Card.