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Unknown Clock

Unknown Clock

"ONE OF ONLY TWO SUCH CLOCKS EVER MADE (circa early 1990's) 10 1/2" by 14 1/2"... working and in vg condition, runs on one AA battery."

Seen on eBay in the 1990s, this all the information I have on this item.

I wonder who the artist was?

"Buffy" Clock

Unknown ClockSomehow I doubt that Sarah Michelle Geller actually posed in a Vampirella costume, but this particular photo has been circulating around the internet for a while. 99% likely a "fake" photo, but she does look good in the red and gold. If Sarah wants to contact me to confirm whether this is a genuine photo or not.

This is still seen on eBay now and again, and was made by Porcelain Images.


Inside of watch

ROLLED GOLD 29 mm. UNISEX WRIST WATCH. Gorgeous 100 % Leather Strap. Extremely wearable eye-catcher, classic dial.

Case: Solid chunky brass, rolled gold for perpetual shine, not cheap metal or steel. 29 mm. Great size for Men, Women & Boys, this size goes great with the graphic detail of the dial. Real scratch-proof glass crystal, not cheap plastic/acrylic crystal.

Strap: Brand New, 100% Genuine Indian Calf Leather, Available in a choice of Black or Brown.

Movement: The very best, premium Time Module high caliber 1044 Japanese quartz movement with 1 year warranty. The same brand is used in some of the leading quartz brands in the world today.

Warranty: 6 months for any manufacturing defects. MADE IN INDIA

Vampirella just gets everywhere! I think the eBay auction description above says it all.

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Mike Hoffman clock Mike Hoffman clock 2

Mike Hoffman

Another one that got away from me on eBay is this wall clock from Mike Hoffman.

A nice rendition of Vampirella on a cheap plastic clock. I suppose I could do this myself for a quarter of what the clock sold for.