Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Cathy Christian

Trading card set

Cathy Christian was the first official Vampirella model to appear at various conventions in the early 1990s.

She also appeared in the first Topps set of trading cards, Visions of Vampirella, released in 1995, with her pictures on the front of cards #37 to #45. If you flip the cards over the reverse of all nine cards build up to one large picture of Cathy (see right).

Cathy never made it to the cover of a Vampirella comic book, and quickly disappeared from the Vampirella scene, but she managed a centre-fold for Vengeance of Vampirella #6 and was featured on an official poster.

One of the promo cards released for Visions of Vampirella had the name Tracy Kahn alongside the photo of Cathy, and many people thought that Tracy was the model. The truth is that Tracy was the photographer for that card, not the model - which was Cathy.

Besides her portrayal of Vampirella, Cathy Christian was the role model for Avengelyne, the long-running heroine of the comic book saga by Rob Liefield that was first published in Maximum Press in May 1995.

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A big Thank You to Glenn Porzig of Megababes for the photo below of Cathy with himself dressed as "Turbo".

Cathy and Turbo