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Sascha Knopf

Sascha Knopf

Sascha Knopf was the first Vampirella model to appear on the front cover of a Harris Vampirella comic (Vampirella Strikes #1), in fact, she appeared on four different cover variants of the comic.

Vampirella Strikes #1 sold well, giving Harris the confidence to use Vampirella models for other covers, but sadly not Sascha herself. However, she did feature on Scarlet Legion photos and as a convention model.

Sascha also appeared on the P4 and P6 promotional cards for the Vampirella Gallery Trading Card set.

Moving on from modeling, Sascha appeared in MGM’s What’s the Worst That Could Happen? as Danny DeVito’s social-climbing mistress, and in the film Shallow Hal with Gwynneth Paltrow and Jack Black. She has continued acting in a string of films to this day.

Besides being a versatile, actress who can play both leading lady and character, she also has a promising career as a professional photographer. Sascha feels her work in front of the camera has given her great insight in being behind the camera, an understanding of the need for a "connection" between the photographer and the model.

On a more personal note, Sascha has the distinction of being the first model to feature on a Vampirella poster that hung on my wall and of all the photos of the various Vampirella models my favourite picture is the one below - because she has such a wonderful smile!

Sascha's smile

Sascha Knopf 1 spacer Sascha on a poster

Sascha Knopf 2 spacer Sascha Knopf 4

A big Thank You to Glenn Porzig of Megababes for the photo of Sascha below.
She really does have a wonderful smile.

Sascha Knopf

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