Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon
Diana Knight

Diana Knight

Originally from Louisiana, Diana studied Dance and Drama at the University of North Texas. After some theatre and make-up artist work she moved to Las Vegas where she rediscovered comic books.

A fan and collector of Wonder Woman, she attended the San Diego International ComiCon to find some memorabilia and was an almost instant hit with the other attendees.

Diana came to the notice of the fans and the artists alike with her range of costumes, and one year she met one of her favourite illustrators, Dan Brereton, who had a Justice League of America project coming up (Seven Caskets) and Dan asked her to be his model for Wonder Woman.

This launched her modelling career for comics, pin-up and fantasy art. Latterly she has become a bit of a celebrity on the fetish scene modelling leather, rubber, steel and all things in between. Currently Diana is working in the fashion arena, and making a start in films.

The Vampirella connection? Apart from wowing many a convention attendee with her Vampirella outfits, Diana was considered as a cover model for the Vampirella comic at one time and had a spot in the Scarlet Legion fan club magazine.

Dan Brereton also used her as the model for a Vampirella cover (see below)

Diana stated "My first love is still Wonder Woman... but I gotta tell ya... I've been having great fun doing Vampirella... She gets to be so much more naughty **grin**"

My thanks to specialist photographer Alan Berk for the stunning photos of Diana in her Vampirella kit!

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