Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon


Buzz was born and raised in Rangoon, moving to the United States at the age of 13.

In his career, Buzz has worked on Justice League Quarterly and Justice League International, JSA, Shi, X-Factor, Impulse, Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Chastity, Cavewoman, Razor, and many others - including Vampirella.

I do not know if he was responsible for the change in Vampirella's outfit in the Vengeance series, but the gloves and leather jacket (as well as a rather feral Vampirella) almost became his trademark.

I'm sure someone out there knows who came up with the idea for the gloves/jacket combo and will contact me to give me the info.

"I don't ever see myself wanting to not be working in the comics industry, it's one of the greatest American art forms like jazz and baseball" says Buzz.

Besides his regular titles and current work, Buzz is a widely popular commission artist and takes requests via his web site.