Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Paul Abrams

Paul is best known for his pencil work on comic books for Malibu, Techno, First and DC. He made his mark with Marvel Comics on titles such as Sgt. Fury and the Savage Sword of Conan. He has also produced work in Independent comic books such as Lightning Comics' Hellina.

Paul certainly has a way with pencils and has managed to produce a few renditions of Vampirella with a certain "softness" not often seen. Regrettably, he has only done a few Vampirellas. I'm sure you'll agree with me that the world needs a few more!

Paul has original art for sale and accepts commission work. You can view more of his work at the Catskill Comics site.

Mad Bat tribute

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I found a very well done "tribute" to Paul Abrams on Deviant Art by a Spanish artist who calls himself MAD BAT (a.k.a. David Sanchez).

Good job, David.