Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

Michael Bair

Michael Bair is best known for his exemplary inks on such titles as JSA, Identity Crisis, Hawkman, JLA Year One, The Kents, The Catwoman miniseries and Vampirella/ Lady Death. Despite the superb quality of his inks, those who have followed Mike's career uniformly look forward to those (too few) projects where Mike both pencils and inks his own work.

These projects include Hellstorm (Marvel), Bloodshot Yearbook (Valiant), Vampirella/ Hemorrhage (Harris) and various covers and pin-ups for DC Comics, Babylon Crush, Kabuki, Shi and many others.

Michael has done many renditions of Vampirella for Harris, below are a few you may not have seen.