Everything you ever wanted to know about Vampirella, daughter of Drakulon

My Top 10 Favourite Artists

Maybe this was a mistake.

With so much wonderful artwork out there how can anyone pick just ten artists to be their favourites? After much soul searching I have managed to put together my personal favourite artists.

If I was a wealthy man I would have (at least) one piece by each of the artists listed below hanging on my wall - ideally a full colour Vampirella.

Fortunately, I do have at least one example of original art from most of my top ten ... ranging from a pencil sketch to an original page from a Vampirella comic.

Barring a win on the lottery, I may never be able to afford an original by all of the artists I have listed - it seems that I am not the only one who holds them in great esteem!

They are not in any order of value or merit as they all have produced some amazing renditions of Vampirella at one time or another. To be fair, I have listed them alphabetically by surname.

If you are an artist who has not been listed here please do not be dismayed. This list in no way reflects on your ability or the quality of your art. You have no idea how much soul searching and angst was involved in paring this list down to a final ten, and how many times the list changed before I finally nailed it down.

And I am sure it will change as time passes.